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As the premiere gynecology and obstetrics practice in the River Valley, Women’s Center for Health and Wellness in Fort Smith, Arkansas, offers superior care to women when it comes to all their reproductive health needs. Thomas Wood, DO, and the team of specialists are trained in obstetrics and gynecology, and provide extensive and convenient care in a comfortable setting.

Patients benefit from a combination of alternative and conservative treatments for issues that include incontinence, hormonal imbalance, and excess weight. Dr. Wood and the friendly team want to help you optimize your sexual and reproductive health, which is why they offer screenings, such as Pap smears and genetic testing. If you have a condition that requires surgical intervention, the team at Women’s Center for Health and Wellness will take the most minimally invasive approach to allow for quick healing.  We offer complete obstetric care including pre-pregnancy planning services, pre-natal care, post-partum care, 3D ultrasounds, and high risk obstetrics. 

Women’s Center for Health and Wellness welcomes women to make an appointment with a staff that listens and spends the time necessary to understand your symptoms and health needs. Set up an appointment by calling the office or scheduling online.


We take most insurance providers including Arkansas Medicaid and Medicare. Please contact us for more information.

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What if I have an abnormal Pap smear?

First, you should know that abnormal Pap tests are common. They are just an initial test, and most people with an abnormal Pap test do not have cancer. If your Pap test has cells that look "abnormal," your provider can follow up with another test to find o

When should I have a Pap smear?

If you are age 21 to 29, you should have a Pap test every 3 years. If you are age 30 or older, you can have a Pap test every 3 years or a combination Pap and HPV test every 5 years. If you are age 65 or older, you can stop having Pap tests if: You had Pap

What is human papillomavirus (HPV)?

Human papillomavirus, or "HPV," is a virus that can cause skin warts, genital warts, and some forms of cancer. There are many types of HPV. Different types can cause different health problems. This article is about the types of HPV that can be spread thro


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