What is PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and why is it important to your health?

This subject is one of the most common disorders I see in my office. Patients present with multiple complaints: infertility, irregular cycles, weight gain, unwanted hair growth, and many more. I look at PCOS in a simplistic view. Number one problem is INSULIN. Women with PCOS have elevated levels of insulin due to insulin resistance. So, the number one treatment is weight loss with low glycemic eating ( NO sugar and minimal carbs). Why is it called PCOS? Good question, the multiple follicles (cyst) seen on the ovaries are a symptom of elevated insulin. The insulin attaches to receptors of the ovaries and follicles start to develop, but the follicle does mature because it is not FSH attaching to receptor. FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is the hormone that causes ovulation.

Treatment depends on your stage of life. Are you trying to get pregnant or not? Make an appointment with your OBGYN and discuss your options.

BUT #1 treatment is weight loss (with a low glycemic diet!). Start this today. This is the most important step for your health and wellness.

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