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Your sexual health is important to your physical and emotional well-being. At Women’s Center for Health and Wellness, the team of women’s health specialists, led by Thomas Wood, DO, supports your sexual health through preventive measures. They can evaluate your symptoms and treat any issues that interfere with libido. Although sexual health issues aren’t always easy to talk about, women in Fort Smith, Arkansas, can feel confident and safe. Call Women’s Center for Health and Wellness today to book your appointment or use the online tool.

Sexual Health Q & A

What is women’s sexual health?

Sexual health of course refers to intercourse, but it’s also so much more. Sexual health refers to a woman’s ability to fully participate in and enjoy sexual activity. Sexual health involves physical comfort but also includes many emotional and psychological factors.

To experience robust sexual health, your sex organs, brain, hormones, and bodily systems must work together. At Women’s Center for Health and Wellness, the team supports your sexual health and offers interventions to help optimize your physical and psychological state.

Part of a woman’s sexual health is feeling in control of her body. This means having access to quality, effective contraception. A woman must also have the ability to protect herself against contracting a sexually transmitted disease and be able to get confidential screenings and treatment should she develop one.

What factors interfere with optimal sexual health?

Your sexual health may be compromised by a number of factors. Hormone changes, especially around menopause, can make sexual intercourse uncomfortable due to thinning vaginal tissue and vaginal dryness. Many women also experience a drop in their libido during this change of life.

Women’s sexual health may be compromised because they fail to become aroused or have an inability to achieve orgasm. Hormonal changes can cause these issues, but you may also experience sexual dysfunction due to medical conditions, medications, stress, past trauma, depression, or some circulation issues and chronic disease.

Sexual health may also be compromised due to specific issues with your pelvic organs, such a prolapse or uterine fibroids.

If you’re experiencing problems with your sexual health, contact Women’s Center for Health and Wellness for an evaluation.

How is sexual health promoted?

The team at Women’s Center for Health and Wellness offers compassionate evaluation of any symptoms, your sexual history, and specific concerns. This may include a pelvic exam to check for irregularities with your reproductive organs, a measurement of your hormone levels, and a discussion of psychological concerns.

You may benefit from lifestyle changes, such as stress reduction techniques, dietary changes, or tweaks to certain medications. Your doctor also makes sure any chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease, are under control.

Your doctor may recommend bioidentical hormone therapy to balance your hormones if that’s the suspected cause of any sexual health issues. You can also talk to the team about birth control, STD screenings, and seeking psychological support

Maintain optimal sexual health by partnering with Women’s Center for Health and Wellness. Call today or book an appointment online.